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Announcing Our 2017 Teaching Award Winners

At the 2017 Department of Family Medicine Faculty Development Retreat, the following faculty were presented with awards that honour their excellence as teachers and as clinicians.

Martha Davidson, Preston Zuliani, Alison Baker, Mat Nobel Wohlgemut
2017 Teaching Award Winners: Martha Davidson, Preston Zuliani, Alison Baker, and Mat Nobel Wohlgemut. Not pictured is Alan Taniguchi.

Martha Davidson

Excellence in Clerkship Teaching Award as a Community Tutor in Undergraduate Family Medicine

Nominated by medical students in their clerkship year, this award is presented to the Family Medicine tutor that best demonstrates exceptional leadership skills, a thorough understanding of the core concepts of the curriculum, and promotes learning.

From the nomination: Dr. Davidson demonstrates excellent listening skills and empathy for patients. Her decades of experience have given her a view of family medicine that is deeply informed by life-course, generations and patients’ abilities to change over time. She has maintained a hopeful spirit for health for all, and it is inspiring to reflect on the practice of family medicine with her. She exemplifies patience and shrewd clinical judgment.

Preston Zuliani

James Morris Preceptor Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Family Medicine

Dr. James Morris was a dedicated community physician who excelled in clinical teaching, he was a support to medical students and made many significant contributions to undergraduate education. This award is given to the most deserving Family Medicine preceptor for their excellence in teaching undergraduate clinical clerks. This award is nominated by medical students in their clerkship year.

From the nomination: [Dr. Zuliani] taught around every case and patient that I saw and tried to give me at least one learning point from every encounter. He would call me into the room if there was something he thought I should see in a patient. He encouraged me to formulate my own management plan and would discuss this with me for each case. There were ample opportunities for me to ask questions. He was a great role model for effective use of EMR and for excellent record keeping.

Alison Baker

Pre-Clerkship Teaching Award

This award is presented to the most deserving Family Medicine preceptor for their excellence in teaching undergraduate, pre-clerkship (MF1/MF2) medical students. This award is nominated by MF1/MF2 medical students.

From the nomination: Dr. Baker’s general family medicine practice in Brantford is a great teaching location to residents, pre-clerks and clerks. Given her interest in prenatal care and the variety of office based procedures, students enjoy their experience with Dr. Baker. She has demonstrated dedication to education through her many years of teaching all levels of learners. She is responsive to learner needs and is regarded as a role model in the clinical setting.

Mat Noble Wohlgemut

Gerry Cohen Award

This annual award is in honour of Dr. Gerry Cohen, initia
ted on his retirement from the Department of Family Medicine, and given to a a full or part-time member ofthe McMaster University Department of Family Medicine. The recipient must reflect the qualities and contributions of Dr. Cohen to the discipline of Family Medicine The recipient of this award:

  • is recognized by residents and colleagues as an excellent clinical teacher,
  • demonstrates strong commitment to residency education, and
  • is known as a role model for their clinical contributions and care of patients.

From the nomination: I was a bit nervous matching to family medicine residency, knowing how much time that would mean with a single preceptor and the impact that would have on my residency experience. This concern was quickly alleviated. Dr. Noble Wohlgemut made it clear from the start that my educational needs and goals would take priority. In four years of medical school and two years of residency, I can say unreservedly that I have not worked with a physician I would seek to emulate more. His attention to both the art and science of medicine are unparalleled, consistently practicing patient-centredness. Further, his commitment and contribution to the Smithville/Grimsby community is palpable.

Alan Taniguchi

Jacqui Wakefield Mentorship Award

The Jacqui Wakefield Mentorship Award is presented to a faculty member of the Department (full or part-time) who has demonstrated outstanding mentoring abilities beyond normal professional duties by:

  • encouraging, facilitating and supporting others in career and leadership development;
  • contributing to the success of colleagues through the sharing of insight, perspective and knowledge based on his/her experience;
  • helping colleagues develop a network of relationships that might not normally be available early in their career; and
  • acting as an effective role model in primary care or medical leadership.

Congratulations to all of our award winners on this great achievement!

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