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Humanitarian Primary Care and a Healthier World

The McMaster University Department of Family Medicine (DFM) and the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) hold a strategic alliance that is connecting DFM’s expertise in academic research and primary care, with CRC’s expertise using trained volunteers to support health and wellness and responding in times of disaster.

Both DFM and CRC share a strong interest in creating new and integrated ways to build health capacity within individuals, families and communities. Right now, our work is focusing on a few primary areas:

  • Extending the reach of primary care teams with the strengths of trained volunteers — through Health TAPESTRY and the Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program (CHAP)
  • Developing research both in Canada and globally to improve the health of individuals, families and communities even in times of crisis
  • Sharing knowledge on how to best support the health of vulnerable people around the world, particularly in fragile and conflict settings
  • Empowering the role of primary care in disaster management

By aligning the strengths of our organizations towards our shared goals, we will bring better access to quality health care for people in Canada and globally, especially the people most marginalized.

From left: Lynda Redwood-Campbell (Professor, Department of Family Medicine; Team Leader, International Health Emergency Response Unit, Canadian Red Cross), David Price (Professor and Chair, Department of Family Medicine), Conrad Sauvé (President and CEO, Canadian Red Cross)

Hear About our Partnership

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