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Our Residents

Class of 2016


Class of 2016:

Pictured here:
Drs. Ashu Jain, Nicole Desforges, Monica Toma, Kayleigh Hagerman and  Kyle Dorosh




Class of 2015


Class of 2015:

Front Row:
Drs. Jordan Shaw, Andrew Davis, Alex Folkl, Mariam Guirguis, Aris Lavranos, Caesar Lim




Class of 2014


Class of 2014:

Pictured here (Left to Right):  Dr. Daniel Vilensky, Rob Baraniecki, Amy McCulloch, Kenneth Collins, David Heywood, Stephanie Sischek and Paul Jones.



Class of 2013 Residents


Class of 2013:

Front Row: Drs. Katayun Treasurywala, Lorraine Colpitts, Sayali Tadwalkar, Amber Graystone
Back Row: Drs. Shaikh, Matte, Mall
Camera shy: Dr. Leonard Chung


Class of 2012

Class of 2012
Drs. Gaurav Puri, Kelly Van Diepen, Erich Hanel, Salma Rawof, Chris Riddle and Karen Busche


Class of 2011.jpeg


Class of 2011:
Drs. Joanna Bostwick, David Bruinsma, Nicole Del Bel, David Sollazzo, Ridhab Alfayadh. 
Camera shy
:  Dr. Jeff Kizis

Class of 2010

Class of 2010:

Front Row: Drs. Parul Singh, Suzanne Van Essen, Mary de Porres Ilo, Ms. Maria Campagnolo (Program Assistant)

Back Row
: Drs. Jeremy Wojtowicz (Assistant PD), Greg Rutledge (PD), John Opie (Division Director), John Sollazzo,  Tom Sull, Daren Lin, Jean Marc Benoit
Camera Shy: Drs. Rizwanali Momin, Mohan Raja


Class of 2009 - large


Class of 2009:

Drs. Indy Ghosh (PD), Dashminder Sehdev, Omotayo Dawodu, David Rauchwerger (Interim PD), Andrew Organek, Leanne Rowthorn, Raphael Akintola, Chris Fortier (Orals Coordinator)

Camera shy: Drs. James Beecroft, Thadsha Tharmaratnam,