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Part-Time Adjunct Academic Appointments

We’re moving to the McMaster Health Campus!

Effective April 15, 2015:

McMaster Health Campus
100 Main Street West, 6th Floor
Hamilton, ON L8P 1H6


The Department of Family Medicine appoints faculty members who are engaged in clinical and non-clinical teaching activities at the part-time and adjunct ranks.

To be appointed at the part-time rank, you must contribute 100 weighted hours annually and will be appointed at one of the following ranks dependent on experience and/or academic credentials:


Appointment Ranks

Clinical Faculty

  • Clinical Lecturer
  • Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Associate Clinical Professor
  • Clinical Professor


Non-Clinical Faculty

  • Lecturer (Part-Time)
  • Assistant Professor (Part-Time)
  • Associate Professor (Part-Time)
  • Professor (Part-Time)


To be appointed at the adjunct rank, faculty members who are engaged in clinical or non-clinical teaching activities and provide a minimum of 150 weighted hours of educational contributions over a three year period can be appointed to the following ranks:


  • Lecturer (Adjunct)
  • Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct)


More information about Part Time Faculty appointments is available through the Health Sciences Faculty Relations office or by contacting:


Christine Rich
Employee and Faculty Affairs Assistant
Department of Family Medicine
McMaster University
McMaster Innovation Park
175 Longwood Road South, Suite 201A
Hamilton, ON  L8P 0A1

Tel: 905-525-9140 Ext. 21711
Fax: 905-521-5594

Part-Time Application Process

Listed below are the steps required to obtain a part-time faculty appointment with the Department of Family Medicine

  1. New part-time faculty members are recommended by Site Directors, Program Directors, or other faculty members. First, it must be determined how much time the candidate is engaged in academic activities to determine their rank: Assistant Clinical Professor or Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct). This will determine the appropriate application package to provide to the candidate.
  2. The recommended candidate will be provided with the appropriate application for completion.
  3. Completed applications are submitted by email to the  address and should contain the candidate’s information, proposed rank, CV and R4 for those applying at the Assistant Clinical Professor rank. Forms may also be completed at the various teaching sites and sent to the Faculty Affairs Assistant for processing.
  4. The application is brought forward to the Executive Committee Meeting for review and approval.
  5. Once the application has been approved by the Executive Committee, the application is forwarded to the Faculty of Health Sciences’ Faculty Relations Office by the Faculty Affairs Assistant.
  6. The part-time appointment package signed by the Dean and Vice-President’s office is sent to the appointed faculty member and directly to the Department of Family Medicine.
  7. The appointment letter is to be signed and returned to the Dean and Vice President’s office by the newly appointed faculty member.

If you are interested in teaching a McMaster learner, please e-mail us at and the Faculty Affairs Assistant will put you in contact with the appropriate individuals.

For more general information regarding the part-time faculty appointment process please visit the Faculty of Health Sciences’ Faculty Relations office. 

Benefits for Part-Time Faculty Member

Being a part-time faculty member at McMaster has many benefits. Below, you will find information regarding the following: bursary eligibility, McMaster Email accounts, and library access.


Bursary Eligibility

 Clinical faculty who hold full‐time or continuing part‐time appointments may be eligible for bursary benefit for their spouse and/or dependents, provided they meet the following criteria prior to applying for the bursary:

  1. The appointment must have been in place for three consecutive years. Please Note: Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) does not qualify for Tuition Bursaries for spouse or dependents.
  2. The faculty member must have spent 270 hours PER YEAR (for these three consecutive years) teaching McMaster University learners (or the equivalent load of nine units per year).

The appointment must be confirmed by the Dean’s office after it has been authorized by the Chair of the Department. The complete policy can be found here, which includes current year benefit amounts. 

The application form can be found here

How to Achieve the 270 McMaster University Education Hours

Undergrad Teaching (McMaster University Undergraduate Medical Students)

Clerkship supervision = 90 hours

MF1 supervision = 45 hours

Clerkship tutor = 48 hours

Presenter Teacher Session (e.g. Family Medicine Open House Speaker) = 4 hours


Postgrad Teaching (McMaster University Family Medicine Residents)

Simulated Office Orals (SOO) = 4 hours

CaRMs Interviewer = 8 hours (full day)

Presenter Academic Half Day = 6 hours

Supervising residents = for monthly rotations 18 per month for inpatient and 36 per month for

       outpatient supervision

Further information, and a full listing of academic/educational contributions, can be found in our Academic Contributions section of the website.


McMaster University Email Account

As a part-time faculty member, you are eligible to have a McMaster email account. Address applications are processed by the Computer Services Unit (CSU). The application form for both a MAC ID and an email account can be accessed here


Library Access

Faculty members who hold full‐time or continuing part‐time appointments, are eligible to borrow library materials or to use the online library.

For information on how to obtain library access, please contact your Program Coordinator for your Regional Campus or you may contact the Faculty Affairs Assistant at Information can also be obtained by visiting the Health Services Library. The full benefits for part-time faculty members can be found here