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MacFacts Academic Contribution General Information


Star1MacFacts, Staff Activity Reporter, is a database system that manages Academic Contributions and CVs across the Faculty of Health Science (FHS).

This document covers common academic contributions for Undergraduate MD and Postgraduate Family Medicine. There are many more programs that faculty may be involved in such as Physicians Assistant Program but only core Family Medicine teaching will be included. It does not include administrative roles such as Directors, Chairs, Co-ordinators, or Committee involvement.


Any work done with other universities is not reflected in the FHS database with the exception of supervising MD students from other universities for electives, but only if they are registered with the UG MD Program for that elective.

MacFacts is a Faculty of Health Science database. DFM does not have control over the roles or their hours.

What is the Information used for?

The contribution hours are used to calculate the following:

  • Department and Division Funding
  • Faculty Bursary Eligibility (270 hours per year for 3 years before applying)
  • Appointment Renewal Eligibility, Mutually Agreed Responsibilities - Educational Hour Commitment.
      • Assistant Clinical Professor - 100 hours per year
      • Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct)  - 50 hours per year


There are three ways which the hours are captured:

1.  Department of Family Medicine (DFM)
DFM captures and enters into MacFacts the roles and hours of any rotation or event that is scheduled by this Department.


  • Supervisors for full-time family medicine residents
  • Resident Tutoring
  • Most resident rotations – the exceptions are the rotations not directly scheduled through the Department (e.g. horizontal electives, rotations booked through a program such as ROMP, hospital based placements )
  • Family Medicine Clerkship rotations to include teaching sessions
  • Clerkship Tutors
  • MF1 supervisors
  • Palliative Preceptors and Teachers
  • Emergency Medicine UG Teaching
  • Etc.

2. UG Medical Program  (and other programs)

The UG Medical program captures and enters into MacFacts the roles/events that are scheduled through that program. DFM is not aware of this type of contribution as we are not involved in the planning at any stage.


  • OSCE Examiners
  • MMI Interviewers
  • Electives – any level UG student, horizontal or visiting, some block
  • Student Advisors
  • Pro-Comp Longitudinal Facilitators
  • Speakers, large or small group
  • MF Tutors
  • Etc.


Star23.  Self-reporting

Report all your contributions so that we may verify for you that the Programs have entered your contributions. We verify this information before the database is closed mid July immediately following the end of term.

E.g. Term ends June 30, 2011 the contributions must be reported by mid July 2011.

Please report contributions as pointed out above, plus:

  • Additions or revisions to what was included in the report
  • Horizontal Electives
  • Rounds not shown on your report
  • Contributions made to other Departments of McMaster
  • Etc.

Please send all academic contribution information, forms, and schedules to a   dedicated email address for processing, Academic Contributions, Family Medicine ( You may also contact main reception, who will direct your request 905-525-9140, ext. 21611.

Roles are limited and not in the control of DFM. These roles and hours are predefined by the Faculty of Health Science. If you have a contribution that does not have a role they should be included on your Academic CV.

Academic Term Dates

Academic contributions are reported for a 12 month period of time from July 1 to June 30.

Undergrad Medical students are placed with supervisors on a rotating basis, therefore; in order to report consistently every year, Clerkship will be reported by blocks. Each Block is 6 weeks in duration. If the last day of that block ends after June 30th, this rotation will be counted in the following term. The entire block’s teaching must be completed and evaluations must be submitted in order to qualify for the term.

Role Hours and Weights

Each role is either considered to consist of contact hours or total hours.

Contact hour  - One on one contact with a McMaster learner

Total hours - The number of hours assigned to the role based on a specified amount of time (e.g. annually)

There are 2 factors that decide the final total weighted hours for the role; role weight and the number of times a contribution has been completed. Generally the preparation time is accounted for by the weighting of the hours. This was determined by surveying faculty across the FHS, and is considered to represent the "burden" of the role, including the difficulty of preparation, need for justification, stress, and general wear and tear.

Across the Faculty of Health Sciences, teaching while providing patient care has been assigned one hour of teaching time per full day for in-patient services, and one hour of teaching time per half-day for out-patient/ambulatory care. This is considered to be representative of the additional time that teaching adds to the time that would be spent in delivering patient care if the learner was not present (teaching, feedback, evaluations, etc)                        .

**Please Note: The term “number of times”, as shown on the contribution reports, could signify number of hours, number of ½ days, number of occasions, etc.

Base Hour Assignment

DFM has streamlined some roles and assigned base hours. 


Behavioural Science Tutors are assigned the total of 48 weeks under this role. This takes into allowance the 4 weeks of vacation that each faculty member takes per year.

Full-time Family Medicine Supervisors

Full-time Family Medicine Supervisor Formula

# of weeks with residents

# half-days per week

subtotal half-days

remainder half-days for year

Total half-days

Advisor / Mentor Hours (24 per year per res)

Hours Credited

1 CMG Resident = Seven 1/2 days per week for 4 months, 4 weeks vacation, 1 1/2 day per week for remainder = 144








1 IMG Resident = Seven 1/2 days per week for 4 months, 4 weeks vacation, 1 1/2 day per week for remainder = 144