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Family Medicine Faculty Development

Every year expert speakers are brought to the Department to discuss new and emerging topics in Family Medicine. The goal is to inspire new ways of thinking about teaching and clinical practice, and to support faculty members as they grow academically and personally.

Core Values Underpinning Faculty Development Activities in the Department of Family Medicine

(Developed at Department Education Committee Retreat - August 2002)


Dr. Beryl Moore, Faculty Development Coordinator

  • Seeks to ensure that these core values are reflected in the faculty development activities in our department, by providing input to the planning of events geared to the development of our members.
  • Acts as a resource to faculty members – ensuring they know what is available to help them advance their abilities in their academic roles, and to help direct them to areas of interest.


Our Activities Will

  • Be based on trusting relationships
  • Enhance our personal and professional integration
  • Lead to our feeling part of a greater whole - well integrated and connected to other members of the department and FHS
  • Facilitate an understanding of the differences in our varied roles and also the similarities in what we do within clinical, educational, administrative and research activities
  • Strive for effective communication, particularly in our department and beyond
  • Promote a climate for discovering "our growing edges" - an acceptance of taking the risk to try and fail in a supportive environment with collegial support
  • Allow us to come away feeling we have tools to improve our professional abilities and sense of personal growth
  • Provide opportunities for us to learn from one another
  • Increase our satisfaction and our feeling of being valued in our working lives



The Faculty of Health Sciences Program for Faculty Development regularly offers other workshops and seminars geared towards enhancing teaching skills. 

For more information on the Faculty Development Coordinator position within the Department of Family Medicine, please review the position profile.