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Main Line 905.525.9140


Dr. Lisa Dolovich Associate Chair, Research x28491
Dr. John Cairney Associate Research Director x28506
Dr. Gina Agarwal Assistant Professor, Clinician/Researcher x28520
Dr. Michelle Howard Assistant Professor x28502
Dr. Doug Oliver Associate professor x28964
Dr. Dale Guenter Associate professor x28972
Dr. Lawrence Grierson Assistant Professor x21984
Dr. Dee Mangin David Braley and Nancy Gordon Chair in Family Medicine x21219
Dr. Cheryl Levitt Professor, Quality Project x28500
Dr. Wenonah Campbell Assistant Professor x26840
Dr. Matthew Kwan Assistant Professor x28412

Staff - Central Program

Pam Forsyth Managing Director, Research Enterprise  x28415
Anita DiLoreto Administrative Coordinator x28509
Sharon Garden Administrative Coordinator x28424
Casey Irvin Communication Coordinator X20944
Marianne Hannon Administrative Assistant, TAPESTRY x28505
Lynda Nash Administrative Assistant, TAPESTRY x20775
Larkin Lamarche Research Coordinator , TAPESTRY x21224
Jessica Peter Research Coordinator , TAPESTRY x28493
Fiona Parascandalo Research Assistant, TAPESTRY x21578 
Raied Siddiqui IT Analyst, TAPESTRY x21279
Linda Xie  Programmer, TAPESTRY x21719
Nola Fuller  Research Assistant, TAPESTRY x28424
Dawn Elston Research Coordinator, iGAP x21759
Neha Arora Research Assistant, iGAP x28425
Irene Glavac Petric Research Assistant, iGAP x27345
Patricia Habran-Dietrich Administrative Assistant, iGAP, M.U.S.I.C, TAPER, DSECT x21685
Jennifer Lawson Business Analyst, M.U.S.I.C x21685
Ava Nainifard Research Assistant, OPEN x21287
Lucas DiNardo Research Assistant, PAIN/OPEN/ARCH x28521
Sherrie Orr Research Coordinator, PAIN/M.U.S.I.C /TAPER x21705
Susan Dimitry Research Coordinator OPEN/CHAPP x28423
Dr. Ricardo Angeles Research Associate - CHAP EMS/CHAPP x21203
Francine Marzanek-Lefebvre Research Coordinator CCHAMP/CHAP EMS x28501
Melissa Perrie Research Coordinator, DSECT/CHAP EMS x27766
Jenna Parascandalo Research Assistant, CHAP EMS x21312
Bethany Delleman Site Facilitator
Karla Lancaster  Masters Student x20876

Staff - INCH Lab

Christine Rodriguez Research Coordinator x27528
Carol Lane  Administrative Assistant x28510
Trischa Newfield Administrative Assistant x28492
Christie Tasch Research Assistant x28120
Julie Gross Research Assistant x27066
Sarah Wellman Research Assistant x28122
Tuyen Le  Research Assistant x20157
Mehreen Bhamani Research Assistant x20174
Kalpana Nair Research Associate, ARCH project x28527
Heather Clark Research Associate, ARCH project x28410
Siobhan Hamilton Psychometrist, ARCH Project  x28426
Jennifer Longaphy Research Coordinator, ARCH project x20816
Daniele Chirico Post-Doctoral Fellow
Jeff Graham Post-Doctoral Fellow
Chloe Bedard Masters Student
Sara King-Dowling PhD Student
Emily Bremer PhD Student
Yao-Chuen Li PhD Student
Divya Joshi PhD Student
Lisa Rivard PhD Student x26853
Scott Veldhuizen Consultant, ARCH project
INCH Lab General phone x20303