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Family Medicine in Downtown Hamilton

Phase two details of our move to the David Braley Health Sciences Centre.

Phase two of our Department’s move to the downtown Hamilton David Braley Health Sciences Centre begins today, April 22!

Two large groups of staff and faculty within Education and Research, along with our Division of Palliative Care, are now joining the administrative, IT and OSCAR EMR teams at the new campus.

Below are short descriptions of the Education and Research functions within the Department of Family Medicine.


Training new family doctors is an important, core function of our Department and is something we take a great deal of pride in doing.

All undergraduate MD students at McMaster directly experience working in family medicine, in addition to experiencing the full range of medical specialties. The students, called Clerks, work under the supervision of trained family doctors for their six-week family medicine clerkship.

Family medicine residents are a major part of our Department’s educational activities. Residents have completed the undergraduate MD program, are full doctors, and have selected family medicine as the area in which they want to work. Residency is two-years of additional training, specific to family medicine, which is required before a doctor can practice medicine independently. This is not the traditional lecture-style education. While these residents will come together in the new campus for mandatory classroom sessions, the majority of their training happens in the community, within clinics, under the supervision of family doctors. Patients across southern Ontario, including those at McMaster Family Practice, Stonechurch Family Health Centre and The Maternity Centre, will meet family medicine residents from our Department.

Students from a variety of programs across McMaster’s Faculty of Health Sciences will benefit from the educational space, clinical experience and research opportunities at the new campus.


Our Department is engaged in a variety of important research projects impacting everything from how you receive care within your home to how the health care system is structured and operates.

A few examples:

For a full list of research projects based in the Department of Family Medicine, see our website.


Please remember that if you are trying to get in touch with one of our team members during our move, the response time may be longer than usual.