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Community Health Assessment Program in the Philippines (CHAP-P)

The Community Health Assessment Program in the Philippines (CHAP-P) is adapting and testing a community-based health intervention model to decrease the number of people there with a high risk of diabetes.

CHAP-P began 2015 as an inventive five-year research program jointly funded by the International Development Research Centre, and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The project builds on existing relationships between faculty at the McMaster University Department of Family Medicine and their colleagues at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University’s School of Medicine (ADZU SOM) — scholars and health professionals who have been collaborating since 2002.

CHAP-P is using a mixed methods design to test whether the Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program (CHAP) model is effective in decreasing the number of people with a high risk of diabetes. The research involves adapting the CHAP model to work in communities in the Philippines. This is followed by a pilot phase to pre-test the model and validate diabetes risk questionnaires that will be used in the last phase: a randomised controlled trial to test the program.

These research findings will help government officials and health workers be more informed about how the model can be used over the long term and in other communities. After CHAP-P, the CHAP model may continue to grow through future work in other low-and-middle-income countries such as Nepal or Thailand.

More information about the study can be found at the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases.


Nominated Principal Investigators
Co-Principal Investigators
  • Lehana Thabane, Canada
  • Karl Stobbe, Canada
  • Dale Guenter, Canada
  • Daria O’Reilly, Canada
  • Sheldon Tobe, Canada
  • Norvie Jalani, Philippines
  • Jerome Barrera, Philippines
  • Rosemarie Arciaga, Philippines
  • Servando Halili Jr., Philippines
  • Rodelin M. Agbulos, Philippines
  • Agnes Fernando, Philippines
  • John Smith, Thailand/New Zealand.
    • McMaster University Department of Family Medicine
    • David Braley Health Sciences Centre
    • 100 Main Street West, 6th Floor
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