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Health TAPESTRY Older Adults (OA)

Age is linked to many chronic conditions and older adults tend to use the health care system more than younger people do. This study brings the Health TAPESTRY approach to a group of older adults living in Hamilton as a way to help provide better health care and reduce health care costs.

In Health TAPESTRY-OA, volunteers visit older adults where they live to collect information about their lives, including information about the client’s health risks, and health and life goals. This information is collected by the volunteers using the Health TAPESTRY Application (TAP-App). The information they collect in the home is sent electronically to the client’s interprofessional health care team, which then develops a care plan to support the client’s goals and address any health risks.

In this year-long randomized control trial, 316 study participants 70 years of age or older either received Health TAPESTRY from the beginning, or starting after six months.

Health TAPESTRY Older Adults (OA) is part of the larger Health TAPESTRY approach to primary care. Health TAPESTRY connects primary care teams with people where they live through trained volunteers, interprofessional health care teams, technology and community engagement.

To learn more about Health TAPESTRY, including Health TAPESTRY-Older Adults, please see the Health TAPESTRY website.




Partner Organizations
    • McMaster University Department of Family Medicine
    • David Braley Health Sciences Centre
    • 100 Main Street West, 6th Floor
    • Hamilton, ON L8P 1H6
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