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Older adults who participated in the Health TAPESTRY OA study were recruited for the TRIAGE initiative. TAPESTRY-TRIAGE targets people over 70-years-old that were considered at-risk for frailty because of their mobility, nutrition, physical activity, or social isolation.

A registered kinesiologist, with the assistance of trained volunteers, offers home-based support and coaching for nutrition, exercise, and community and social engagement. The researchers believe that by providing early intervention and support, this group of Health TAPESTRY adults will be best supported to maintain independence, improve quality of life and prevent or slow the onset of frailty.

More information about the TRIAGE study is available here.

Health TAPESTRY-TRIAGE is part of the larger Health TAPESTRY approach to primary care. Health TAPESTRY connects primary care teams with people where they live through trained volunteers, interprofessional health care teams, technology and community engagement.


Partner Organizations

    • McMaster University Department of Family Medicine
    • David Braley Health Sciences Centre
    • 100 Main Street West, 6th Floor
    • Hamilton, ON L8P 1H6
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