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Move 2 Learn

In early childhood, children begin to develop motor skills like kicking and running. At the same time, children are beginning to develop pre-literacy skills, like print awareness. These skills are important because they are the basis of more complex movement and language skills that develop later in life. Building these skills at a young age will help prepare children for school.

The Move 2 Learn program – formerly called Play and pre-Literacy Among Young children (PLAY) – is looking at the effect of an evidence-based motor and pre-literacy program for 3- to 4-year-old children to help them build these skills.

In Move 2 Learn, children work on their movement and early reading skills. The program focuses on parental involvement, giving parents the tools to practice these skills at home with their children. Children benefit from teaching and guidance in developing these skills.

The Move 2 Learn program is currently being used and evaluated at four sites in Middlesex County


John Cairney

Chloe Bedard

Emily Bremer

Wenonah Campbell

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