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MovingU Study: Understanding Behavioural and Environmental Contexts of Young Adults Transitioning into Young Adulthood

The MovingU study is looking at the changes in sport and physical activity as adolescents graduate from high school. Researchers are working to identify key factors related to behaviour change during this time.

The MovingU study has two phases. The first phase will follow a group of high school students beginning during their final year at high school and one-year following their graduation. Participants will be asked to complete a battery of measures including their confidence and intentions towards physical activity, and to wear an activity monitor, approximately every 24 weeks. The second phase of the study will focus only on the post-transition period (i.e., first-year university students), and will use a new research method called Ecological Momentary Assessment, which participants will complete up to 7 brief questionnaires each day to get real-time information about what, where, and whom they are with, as well as their feeling states and intentions to be active in the coming hours.

By combining information about a person’s physical moment from the accelerometer with information about their environment and feelings, MovingU hopes to help create better strategies to address inactivity at a time in many people’s lives when they are becoming less active.


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