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Predictors of IMG success

To register as a doctor in Canada, a person must first complete medical school, then residency training (also called post-graduate training) and finally pass a set of certification exams. More than ever, people who complete medical school outside of Canada or the US are doing their residency training in Canada. These residents are called International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and they are less likely to pass the certification exams after residency on their first attempt than people that complete medical school in Canada or the US.

The Predictors of Canadian Certification Success among International Medical School Graduates study is looking at the ways Ontario universities can help IMGs be successful on their certification exams. Researchers are doing this by exploring the relationship between information about IMGs that is available at the time of their applications to residency programs and their success on the certification exams.

This is an important topic that will contribute to more efficient medical training and a stronger physician workforce in Ontario.


  • Lawrence Grierson (PI; McMaster University)
  • Mathew Mercuri (McMaster University)
  • Inge Schabort (McMaster University)
  • Mark Walton (McMaster University)
  • Glen Bandiera (University of Toronto)
  • Caroline Abrahams (University of Toronto)
  • Susan Philips (Queen’s University)
  • Doug Archibald (University of Ottawa)
  • Glenna Stirrett (Northern Ontario School of Medicine)
  • Eric Wong (Western University)
  • Gary Cole (RCThe Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of CanadaPSC)
  • Carlos Brailovsky (The College of Family Physicians Canada)

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