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Site Liaisons


A DFM research coordinator has been assigned to various DFM sites to serve as a point person on research related activities and to help communicate about research in the Department to the site. 
They will be able to provide the services listed below, up to a maximum of four hours per month. If a faculty member would benefit from additional assistance that is expected to take more than an hour, the faculty member is asked to complete a DFM checklist for Writing Support or a DFM checklist for Proposal Writing support and submit to Anita Di Loreto.

Site Assignments


The site liaison may provide the following services:

  • Communicate new funding opportunities and new processes 
  • Answer/triage specific questions around  draft research proposals or ideas, budget and budget justifications
  • Review information letters and consent forms, questionnaires and survey forms
  • Review Research Ethics Board applications
  • Review/consult around poster/presentation design
  • Consult on any other requests that will take less than 1 hour
  • Participate in site meetings about research

The DFM Research Administrative Coordinator may provide the following services:

  • Information about grant and research CV module requirements
  • Assistance with budget costs
  • Templates and forms
  • Opening new accounts/HRS checklist
  • Award administration
  • Project expenditures
  • Financial reports
  • Close out of accounts