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Brampton Teaching SiteThe William Osler Health System (WOHS) is one of the largest, full-service community hospitals in the province.  We are located northwest of the GTA and only 45 minutes from Hamilton, with easy access to both cities.

WOHS sees more pediatric ED visits than any other community hospital in Ontario and is a great obstetrics experience that gives you confidence to consider it as part of your career.

Our preceptors in family medicine are active in hospital care, home care, long-term care, ER, palliative medicine and obstetrics with an abundance of one-on-one learning opportunities. 

Brampton and Etobicoke are multi-cultural communities with very diverse populations. There is something here for everyone!

With a solid curriculum, enhanced learning environments, community-based care and one-to-one mentorship, the FMTC offers the best of rural medicine in an urban setting. If you are looking for an opportunity to develop into the family physician you know you can be – this is the program for you!

Visit our website for more information on our Brampton site including: Community Teaching Practices, Speciality Programs and Academic Sessions.


Stats (FHT, patients, sites, etc)

  • Preceptors: 11 (high volume practices in Brampton, Georgetown, Woodbridge and Rexdale.  (1 FHG, 4 FHT, 6 FHO practices)
  • Residents: 10 (9 Canadian Medical Graduates; 1 International Medical Graduate)


Contact Information

Dr. Brian Klar
Site Director, Brampton


Education Associates

Michelle Salfarlie

Meghan McCauley-Brown (Part-time)


For more, check out the Brampton site brochure.