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Grand Erie Six Nations

The Grand Erie Six Nations (GE6N) site is the most recent addition to the McMaster Family Medicine Residency Program. The site had been a teaching site for many years with learners coming from both the Hamilton and Waterloo campuses, prior to the Residency Program. The program at the site emphasizes community and preceptor based training in Family Medicine. The curriculum follows the traditional block rotation format.

  • Presence of the Six Nations on the Grand River, a First Nations community based in Oshweken near Brantford
  • An Aboriginal component to the curriculum at the site, which has been developed and is delivered by local faculty and community members (including EBM, MHBS, Noon Rounds, Aboriginal Welcome sessions, and site visits)
  • Simulation lab which is currently led by local Emergency physicians, who offer monthly sessions to the residents
  • Dr. Greg Hall reserves spots for all GE6N residents to complete the Point-of-Care Ultrasound course, at a reduced resident rate
  • 1:1 Preceptor to resident ratio in a community based learning environment


Stats (FHT, patients, sites, etc)

  • Preceptors: 11
  • Residents: 12 (including rural Simcoe) 6 PGY1s, 6 PGY2s
  • Practice Sites: 10 (3 are FHTs)
  • Approximately 21,000 patients


Contact Information

Dr. Arash Zohoor
Site Director, GE6N


Natalie Graham
Education Associate


For more, check out the Grand Erie Six Nations site brochure.