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The Halton Site offers the opportunity to learn comprehensive family medicine in a suburban setting with preceptors who work in both office-based and hospital settings.  Each resident is in a close 1-to-1 relationship with their Primary Preceptor over their two years of residency.  Our preceptors are located either in the community-based teaching unit, or within a community teaching practices in Burlington, Waterdown, Milton, and Georgetown.  Many of our practices are within Family Health Teams, and all of our residents have the opportunity to work with hospital-based teams during their core family medicine and off-service block rotations at Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington or Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital in Oakville.

A key feature of our site is the integration of family medicine within the hospital environment.  All of our preceptors take care of adult inpatients, providing an interesting mix of hospitalist and office-based medicine within the core family medicine experience.

As a group, residents participate in Evidence-Based Medicine, Mental Health and Behavioral Science tutorials, Quality Assurance tutorials, Academic Half Day, Resident Rounds, and Practice Based Small Group Learning all within the Halton McMaster Family Health Centre location.  Additionally, in partnership with Joseph Brant Hospital, all residents present Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds at the hospital, which is attended by staff, allied health and other practitioners.


Stats (FHT, patients, sites, etc)

  • Preceptors: 15
  • Residents: 7 (Canadian Medical Graduates); 1 (International Medical Graduate)
  • Clinical Preceptors Special Interests Include:  Obstetrics, Women’s Health, Mental Health, Chronic Disease Management, Palliative Care, Long-term Care, Procedural Skills, Medical Leadership, Medical Education, and Quality Improvement.
  • Each teaching practice cares for 1500-2000 patients, allowing for volume and diversity of experience
  • Family Health Teams that have teaching practices within them include: Prime Care FHT, Halton Hills FHT, Burlington FHT.


Contact Information


Dr. Amie Davis
Site Director, Halton


Melanie Pulling
Education Associate


For more, check out the Halton site brochure.