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Research, quality assurance and improvement are a fundamental part of MUSIC’s commitment to effectiveness, innovation and quality in primary care delivery.

We welcome collaborative research projects that will have direct benefit for our patients, community and primary care. We are committed to research that will provide sound evidence for rational medical and public health practice. We believe it is important that such research should be, and be seen to be, impartial. Our research is free of any funding which may prejudice these goals. We do not provide data or accept funding for research from pharmaceutical companies or other for-profit organisations either directly or indirectly (as ‘unrestricted educational grants’ or fellowships) where that partnership could create a conflict of interest in the work at Department of Family Medicine.

Role of MUSIC Governance Committee

The function of the committee is to act as the co-ordinating point for all requests using EMR data from the MUSIC Network for collaboration in research and/or quality initiatives that are not part of routine quality reporting or answerable using standard query sets and therefore require additional IT resource. These are requests that involve data sourced directly from the OSCAR EMR (or other EMRs if new participating sites operate with a different EMR) and requests for letters of support that come into MUSIC. The committee will review all external research requests to ensure any research MUSIC participates in is high quality and ethical. The committee will also function to help manage and organize the request load by evaluating timing and resources of DFM-IT and MUSIC staff, for servicing requests.

MUSIC Governance Committee Aims:

  • To offer support and add value to research felt to be aligned with the MUSIC mandate
  • To ensure the burden and opportunity costs of research participation have been considered by the researchers and are not overly burdensome for MUSIC, practitioners or DFM-IT

MUSIC Principles

In general, MUSIC does not support research that has commercial conflict of interest (i.e., drug and diagnostic company research).

In general, the organisation does not support research that is simply using MUSIC as a recruiting vehicle for studies of little relevance to primary care.

In general, MUSIC encourages McMaster Department of Family Medicine (DFM) research partnerships and co-authorship on research derived from the MUSIC data holdings.

Criteria to be balanced when assessing research suitability:

  • Value to MUSIC patients
  • Value to wider Primary Care community
  • Current MUSIC Network, practitioner and DFM-IT time and resource burden
  • Allowance for MUSIC or clinical practice costs in budget
  • Feasibility of research

Research that has had high level peer review (e.g. CIHR), does not need additional scientific review, however where there has not been independent peer review of a high standard, a review of the data request should be carried out.

Ethics application and approval plus the research protocol must be supplied before review. Any associated abstracts, publications, proceedings, or reports that describe the research including its protocol and findings are required to be submitted to the MUSIC network. There will be a general expectation that the intent of research approved is to make results available in the public domain for the benefit of all.

Committee composition will reflect a range of work and clinical groupings within the McMaster Department of Family Medicine, including members from MUSIC administration, DFM-IT, Research administration and staff, ethics experts, and McMaster Family Health Team representation.  Representation may be added from other sites that join MUSIC, if appropriate. The MUSIC Director, Dr. Dee Mangin will chair the group.

All approvals for partnerships and MUSIC data extracts that extend beyond one year will require report back by applicants of current status and ethics approval status and will be reviewed by the committee on an annual basis.

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